I was using ftp.
But even if the ftp program was copying the original timestamp, it didn't get the time right; the date would have been right.

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Matthew Dillon <dillon@apollo.backplane.com> added the comment:

:Dear DragonFlyBSD bugs,
:As part of my daily routine to check my website is operating OK (
:www.leopard.uk.com), I retrieve
:C12G10.tgz from my website on leaf.dragonflybsd.org and diff the file
:against the master copy,
:and also check the MD5 checksum matches.
:Today, when I was doing this I noticed that the newly created file (BLAH)
:retrieved from my website
:has a file creation date of Feb 28 2010. But todays date is 18 April 2010.
:Unless I'm being stupid, this would appear to be a bug .....
:Robin Carey

   It depends on what you are using to retrieve the file.  Some programs
   are going to copy the timestamp the original file had.


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