Bug #1178

Rework carp ipv4 support

Added by sepherosa almost 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Hi all,

carp(4) ipv4 users please test following patch:

Configure inet address to carp(4) interface is no longer supported;
you need to use "vhinet address" instead. carp(4) now needs explicit
bringing up (originally inet address will implicitly bringing up the
interface). e.g.
ifconfig carp0 create
ifconfig carp0 vhid 1 pass your_password vhinet your_virtual_add1
vhinet your_virtual_addr2
ifconfig carp0 up

Virtual address support CIDR form. The subnetmask part is not used
currently. However, it is recommended to set it according to your
needs, in case it is used in the future updating.

You will need a quickworld (for ifconfig(8)) and quickkernel

Best Regards,


#1 Updated by sepherosa almost 8 years ago

The host backup does not work using completely splitted address space :P.
I have redone the above patch. Both host and router backup should work now:

The address assignment to carp interface is as before the first patch, i.e.
ifconfig carp0 inet carp_address
ifconfig carp0 alias carp_address

A new command is added:
ifconfig carp0 vhaddr
This will dump the carp address, its backing address and the its internal flags.

Best Regards,

#2 Updated by sepherosa over 7 years ago


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