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dma(8): portability fixes and extended functionality

Added by roam about 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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First of all, thanks for writing and maintaining the DragonFly Mail Agent! It's
a very good choice for a smarthost, relay-only setup.

What do you think about the attached couple of patches? Some of them improve
portability to other OS's, others fix dma's behavior in some often-seen cases,
an yet others add some new functionality that I, at least, find useful when
using dma as a sendmail replacement :)

I'm attaching a shell archive containing all the patches. You may browse them
one by one at or, of course, in my
Subversion repository at

Once again, thanks for maintaining dma!


dma-patches-20090325-01.shar (47.5 KB) dma-patches-20090325-01.shar roam, 03/25/2009 10:37 AM


#1 Updated by corecode about 9 years ago

Hey Peter,

this is a big chunk of patches, so it will take some time to get them reviewed. I can already see that there are a couple of them that are debian-specific, so we probably won't import those. Thanks for your submission, this is very much appreciated.


#2 Updated by roam about 9 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply!

well, actually, none of the patches that I submitted in the shell archive are
Debain-specific :) You are, of course, right that some of the patches listed in
that directory in the Subversion repository are, since I am almost ready with a
Debian package of dma, but I've taken care to remove them from my submission here :)

If you are indeed looking at the Subversion repository, make sure to only check
out the patches listed in series.trunk, since series is the list of patches for
the Debian package.

If you are looking at the shell archive or the webpage, then I'd be honestly
interested to know which of the patches there you consider to be Debian-specific :)

Once again, thanks a lot for the quick reply!

#3 Updated by corecode almost 9 years ago

I've committed most of the patches. However I had to change and fix several of

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