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Занимаюсь художественной гимнастикой. И вот одна поездка с подружкой на дачу, круто изменила мою жизнь.

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Кате кончили сразу в три дырки. ...
Через пятнадцать минут все лежали в экстазе… ...
чтобы перейти нажми тут

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russian spam

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Daniel Bond (via DragonFly issue tracker) wrote:
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> russian spam
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Russian *language* spam. It even translates cleanly, as if anyone cared.

And relayed off wht apears to be a zombified box on Argentine DHCP (or
well-forged as such..)

But easily blocked for that very reason. Failing forward/reverse DNS match.

I suspect crater has a milter that has gone hors d' combat, as this has not
heretofor been much of a problem.


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