Bug #1472

panic: vnode_pager: vfs's must implement vop_getpages

Added by thomas.nikolajsen about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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Running fsx (usr/src/test/stress/fsx) on MFS gives immediate panic.

I.e., when /tmp is mfs mount, this causes panic:
$ fsx /tmp/XXX

This is on recent DEVELOPMENT from August 27;
it works on DEVELOPMENT kernel from July 29.

Core dump avail on request.

vop_getpages was removed from MFS in commit

Unread portion of the kernel message buffer:
mfs_badop[getpages] = 45
panic: vnode_pager: vfs's must implement vop_getpages

mp_lock = 00000001; cpuid = 1
Trace beginning at frame 0xdc77fb90
panic(dc77fbb4,ccec4100,dc77fc20,dc77fc78,dc77fbb4) at panic+0x14d
panic(c0372884,dc77fc6c,c02ca509,dc7e2780,dc77fc20) at panic+0x14d
vnode_pager_getpages(dc7e2780,dc77fc20,1,0,dc77fc30) at vnode_pager_getpages+0x3
vm_fault_object(2235000,c0ca2df0,dc7e2780,4,c81d5d07) at vm_fault_object+0xaac
vm_fault(c81d5db0,28235000,2,8,28235000) at vm_fault+0x161
trap_pfault(6,ccec4100,cce9be58,b71d,0) at trap_pfault+0xe3
trap(dc77fd40) at trap+0x2f5
calltrap() at calltrap+0xd
--- trap 0, eip = 0x6, esp = 0xdc77fd84, ebp = 0x28219fff ---


#1 Updated by thomas.nikolajsen about 7 years ago

Fixed by commit 21f197f54ff2ce41eb732ecf21edf773244a6c29.

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