Bug #1657

kdevelop-base has obsolete config.guess

Added by phma over 8 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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config.guess in the file incadmin.tar.gz in kdevelop-base is dated 2002-10-21.
The same file in the old version of Ubuntu is dated 2007-03-06. A new project
created with KDevelop on DragonFly fails to recognize the operating system.

There seems to be also a bug in libtool. When I create a project on Ubuntu and
rsync it to DFly, and try to configure and compile it there, libtool spawns a
huge number of shells and fills the process table.


#1 Updated by tuxillo over 7 years ago


Not sure what to do about this. Have you taken any actions just like reporting
this to KDE project?

Antonio Huete

#2 Updated by phma over 7 years ago

This is probably not a problem with KDE itself but with the package. Once I
get my pkgin/pkgsrc straightened out, I'll see if it's still there.

#3 Updated by phma over 7 years ago

I made a test project using KDevelop 3.5.5; it still had the 2002
config.guess. I looked in the tarballs in the KDevelop package and found one
with a 2005 date, but not the 2002 version. Copying config.guess
from /usr/pkg/share/automake-1.11 results in successfully configuring. I'll
have to trace kdevelop while it's making a project to figure out where the old
file is coming from.

#4 Updated by phma over 7 years ago

Correction: I have to copy both config.guess and config.sub to get it to
configure. libtool still spawns a huge number of shells.

#5 Updated by alexh over 7 years ago

Please submit this bug to either KDE upstream or pkgsrc.

Alex Hornung

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