Bug #222

recursive or conditional serializers needed

Added by corecode over 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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at least for bridge and packet filter handling, we need some kind of recursive


#1 Updated by corecode about 9 years ago

is this fixed?

#2 Updated by sepherosa about 9 years ago

The problem we had encounted in bridge code should have been resolved
by sys/net/if_bridge.c rev 1.25
I think it is a better solution than recursive serializer.

Since the original problem is reported by you, you can test to verify it :)

Best Regards,

#3 Updated by corecode about 9 years ago

Ah no, I believe you. Closing.

#4 Updated by andrew_atrens about 9 years ago

Does this fix the momentary (1-2 second) 'freezes' one gets when wpa_supplicant is cycling through
configs trying to associate with an AP ?

Maybe it's just me, my ath driver isn't completely standard ... ;)


#5 Updated by sepherosa about 9 years ago

Cycling through? Do you mean rekeying? I have tested (iperf on both
direction) ath(4) (STA mode) for two days (24hours for CCMP/24 hours
for TKIP, with WPA) rekeying every 10 minutes, before importing the
new hal; I didn't notice any slow down (iperf reported stats every 10
seconds) in my test. But all the ath(4) that I can access are 5212
typed (different mac/phy revision tho).

Best Regards,

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