Bug #238

acpi "bad hcaracter"

Added by corecode about 10 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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YONETANI Tomokazu wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 06, 2006 at 01:56:28PM +0200, Simon 'corecode' Schubert wrote:
>> ACPI-0397: *** Error: NsSearchAndEnter: Bad character in ACPI Name:
>> 43035350
>> ACPI-0381: *** Error: Looking up [0x43035350] (NON-ASCII)
>> in namespace, AE_BAD_CHARACTER
>> ACPI-0204: *** Error: AcpiLoadTables: Could not load namespace:
>> ACPI-0213: *** Error: AcpiLoadTables: Could not load tables:
>> ACPI: table load failed: AE_BAD_CHARACTER
>> any clue how to start and fix this issue? (doc pointers welcome)
> You're using A8N-VM, right? One of the posts on freebsd-acpi
> had a link to the following webpage and you might be interested in it:
> http://people.fruitsalad.org/adridg/development.a8nvm.php
> Hope that helps.

thanks, that fixes some issues... first of all it seems that my DSL is royally broken, but at least acpi loads.

but i still can't shutdown -p:

AcpiEnterSleepStatePrep failed - AE_NOT_FOUND




#1 Updated by qhwt+dfly about 10 years ago

> but i still can't shutdown -p:
> AcpiEnterSleepStatePrep failed - AE_NOT_FOUND

The only chance that AcpiEnterSleepStatePrep() can return AE_NOT_FOUND
would be in AcpiGetSleepTypeData() when it calls AcpiNsEvaluateByName().
Can you try reinstalling the acpi.ko with debugging enabled
$ cd /sys/dev/acpica5
$ make obj && make depend && make
$ su make install

and read the kernel messages on the console after setting the following
sysctl variables and issuing acpiconf -s5:
sysctl debug.acpi.layer="ACPI_NAMESPACE ACPI_HARDWARE"
sysctl debug.acpi.level="ACPI_LV_ERROR ACPI_LV_NAMES"


#2 Updated by qhwt+dfly over 8 years ago

The "bad character" problem itself has been resolved it seems, but this issue
contains some other problems. Would you like to keep this one open?

#3 Updated by corecode over 8 years ago

I'll check tomorrow when I'm back at the box and report back.


#4 Updated by corecode over 7 years ago

don't use the hardware anymore

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