Bug #343

make clean removes all files if patches/ dir is empty

Added by pavalos almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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I just got a nice little surprise. If I don't have any files named *.patch in
patches/ and I do a make clean, it adds '*' to the rm list. Is there any way
to prevent this behavior?

box:~pavalos/dfly/src/usr.bin/top/patches% mv machine.h.patch machine.h
box:~pavalos/dfly/src/usr.bin/top/patches% cd ..
box:~pavalos/dfly/src/usr.bin/top% make clean
"/usr/share/mk/bsd.prog.mk", line 40: warning: duplicate script for
target "top" ignored
rm -f top.local.h top.x top.1 * top .o top.1.gz top.1.cat.gz
rm: CVS: is a directory
rm: patches: is a directory
*** Error code 1

Stop in /home/pavalos/dfly/src/usr.bin/top.

bsd.patch.mk.diff Magnifier (700 Bytes) qhwt+dfly, 10/08/2006 12:27 PM


#1 Updated by qhwt+dfly almost 10 years ago

I can't reproduce it here. Can you post your modification to the Makefile
if any?


#2 Updated by qhwt+dfly almost 10 years ago

A-ha.. Too bad that your work got lost! Attached patch should be
enough for your anti-footshooting, with a nice side-effect to tell
you about non-existent patch files.


#3 Updated by pavalos almost 10 years ago

Sorry it took so long to get back with you. This sounds like a good
idea to me.


#4 Updated by pavalos almost 10 years ago

Patch committed, thanks y0netan1!

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