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:Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
:Subject: [issue420] altq_enable: assertion: ifq->ifq_len == 0
:From: Matthias-Christian Ott <>
:Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 14:41:07 -0000
:X-Roundup-Name: DragonFly issue tracker
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:New submission from Matthias-Christian Ott <>:
:I'm using DragonFly 1.6.2 ( build 09.12.2006) GENERIC=
: +
:ALTQ. It seems the queue is used but not enabled, so the assertion fails:
:pf enabled
:panic: assertion: ifq->ifq_len =3D=3D 0 in altq_enable
:Trace beginning at frame 0xs29b1674
:panic(c052c20c,c05f2a20,c0519615,d29b16a4,c60fcf00) at panic+0x99
:panic(c0519615,c052f4c5,c04fc31c,d2bb5f80,d1ccaf40) at panic+0x99
:altq_enable(d1ccb004,c018d786,c12a4354.0478478df) at altq_enable+0x79
:pfioctl(c6134110,2000442a,d29d1c18,3,c60fcf00) at pfioctl+0x249c
:cdevsw_putport(c85f1620,d29b17c,c05f00c0,d2b3e900,d29b1acc) at
: cdevsw_putport+0xb3
:lwkt_domsg(c85f16b20,d29b1a7c,d29b1a7c,d29b1a9c,c02c18c3,c60fcf10) at
: lwt_domsg+0x46
:dev_dioctl(c6134110,2000442a,d29b1c18,3,c68fcf00) at dev_dioctl+0x64


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