Bug #567

AGP support for newer Intel chips (9xx)

Added by fuyuki over 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Here's a patch to add an AGP GART support for newer Intel chips. I've tested
it with i945G + modular-xorg + several media players.


Note that I'm new to DF kernel and the patch is mostly a blind merge from

On FreeBSD i845G support seems to be accidentally dropped at r1.37.
I recovered it in the patch above.

On DragonFly PCI_MAP_FIXUP option is required for i915 variants because
AGP_APBASE and AGP_I915_MMADR points the same address. (?)
Some rework would be needed to eliminate redundant allocations.

Known bug: panic on detach. I don't know why the function is working on
FreeBSD. (maybe not?)


#1 Updated by TGEN over 9 years ago

Our PCI code is rather stale, and is in no way in sync with the changes
FreeBSD made to make it properly support power state changing and detaching.

Thomas E. Spanjaard

#2 Updated by corecode about 9 years ago

all agp code should be ported from freebsd to support newer chipsets...

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