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I just ported pam_passwdqc module from freebsd to DFly,
and I also ported passwd utility because this change passwords throught pam.

It work with local password file, but I never used NIS,
thus changing password throught NIS may be broken.

Patch is in attachment.
Nice testing.

passwdqc.diff.gz (35.8 KB) grzela, 03/17/2007 10:16 PM

unnamed (116 Bytes) grzela, 03/17/2007 10:16 PM


#1 Updated by corecode over 9 years ago

what do we intend to do with this?

#2 Updated by grzela over 9 years ago

Differences between my first and second patch is that second one support
NOFSCHG flag in make.conf file.

I write this patch because I wanna use passwdqc pam module when password
is changed on my DFly box, this module require that /usr/sbin/passwd
must work throught pam so this one I also have ported.
It will be nice when this patches someone commit to DFly, but
IMHO /usr/sbin/passwd should be changed to be more verbose, but I don't
known pam so much to do this.

passwd should print for which host password will be changed (when work
through NIS), and print "Password changed" when it will be.

#3 Updated by pavalos over 7 years ago

Committed in 93942874baa265ba8319d48f11a2cb7f58275a73.

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