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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
3175 DragonFlyBSD Bug In Progress Normal DragonFly won't boot on GCE tuxillo 02/15/2019 07:05 AM
3171 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal mesa-libs 18.3.2 not working tuxillo ftigeot 02/21/2019 12:18 PM
3157 DragonFlyBSD Bug New Normal TP-Link UE300 not working in 5.2-RELEASE tuxillo 11/15/2018 02:08 PM
3126 DragonFlyBSD Submit Closed Normal Bring in BIOC{S,G}FEEDBACK tuxillo tuxillo 04/18/2018 03:06 AM
3121 DragonFlyBSD Bug Resolved Normal test issue tuxillo 08/06/2018 03:10 AM
2691 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed High Failed to boot latest master due FXRSTR: illegal FP MXCSR tuxillo profmakx 07/10/2014 11:47 AM
2661 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal PUTTy error when trying to ssh in to a i386 box tuxillo ftigeot 04/22/2014 01:19 AM
2659 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal Make jobs Issue with bmake-20131001 update tuxillo dillon 04/08/2014 02:27 AM
2650 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal ALTQ CFQ panic when changing bandwidth settings tuxillo sepherosa 01/14/2015 03:24 PM
2647 DragonFlyBSD Bug New Normal HAMMER panic on 3.6.0 tuxillo 02/22/2014 03:32 AM
2642 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal No NATA modules available tuxillo ahuete.devel 02/22/2014 01:19 PM
2641 DragonFlyBSD Bug New Normal Panic when loading natapci as module tuxillo 02/18/2014 01:26 AM
2639 DragonFlyBSD Bug In Progress Normal Sync "install" with FreeBSD tuxillo 01/14/2015 03:30 PM
2638 DragonFlyBSD Bug Feedback High Fix machdep.pmap_mmu_optimize tuxillo 01/14/2015 03:35 PM
2637 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal Implement dynamic executables in /bin and /sbin primarily for nss support tuxillo 06/02/2014 07:20 AM
2636 DragonFlyBSD Bug Feedback Low Add -x flag to iostat (a la solaris) tuxillo 01/14/2015 03:36 PM
2635 DragonFlyBSD Bug Resolved Normal Stablize drm/radeon KMS drivers for new xorg tuxillo jorisgio 07/14/2014 01:00 AM
2634 DragonFlyBSD Bug Resolved Normal Semaphore support for pthreads. sem_open, sem_close, sem_unlink are not implemented yet tuxillo nthery 06/07/2014 05:51 PM
2633 DragonFlyBSD Bug New Normal Audio overhaul, bring OSS up to FreeBSD tuxillo 01/14/2015 04:21 PM
2632 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal Finish new USB stack so it can be turned on by default and used by ports. tuxillo 06/02/2014 07:35 AM
2631 DragonFlyBSD Bug In Progress Low Verify library versioning current with full package build and switch it on (after publishing packages) tuxillo 01/14/2015 03:38 PM
2630 DragonFlyBSD Bug New Normal Bring in latest iconv fixes from FreeBSD10 as well as csmapper updates tuxillo 02/13/2014 01:45 PM
2629 DragonFlyBSD Bug New Normal Replace gcc44 with llvm34, clang34, and libc++ tuxillo 06/02/2014 02:30 PM
2628 DragonFlyBSD Bug Feedback Normal Vendor branch update for WPA-Supplicant and HostAPD tuxillo 01/14/2015 03:40 PM
2616 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal test bug 01 tuxillo 12/17/2013 03:38 PM
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