Bug #1182

Updated by swildner over 4 years ago


UP works perfectly, SMP has this intr 11 livelock problem, which slows
it pretty down, so that network does not work. I post output of dmesg
for both UP and SMP as well as the output of vmstat -vi. Maybe those
information are helpful to someone :). I also tried SMP with a recent
kernel (the outputs below are of a kernel which is a few month old), but
it's even worse; it stops at "intr 7 livelocked limit engaged" during
ATA probing.

Looking at "vmstat -vi" it's obvious that the problem is with atapci1.
Also notably is the huge difference of "irq0: clk", which is ~1600 for
UP and ~13000 for SMP. I don't know exactly what rate means here, but
if it means interrupts/second and it's the clock interrupt which usually
fires at 1000 Hz, then something is seriously wrong.