Bug #808

Updated by ftigeot over 4 years ago

Please check the attached three patches that are for the amd64 kernel
build and linking.

The patch.syssys includes patches for files that are platform
independent. but all changes are about the #ifdef, e.g. add

patch.kmod is for sys/conf/kmod.mk, i.e to add amd64-specific kld
module linking targets. please help double check this.

The big patch.amd64 includes patches of files from sys/cpu/amd64,
sys/platform/pc64, sys/emulation/linux/amd64 and
sys/config/AMD64_GENERIC. They are all amd64/pc64 specific. Other than
the header files, most of those sources are dummy code and we include
them just to make the kernel linked. These dummy codes requires
completely redo work so you probably donot want to spend time on
codes that are going to be trashed soon :).

they did not break the i386 world/kernel build and i upgraded my box
from them without any trouble.