Bug #2064

Updated by alexh over 4 years ago

Hi dragons,

i've been around HAMMER for linux past days, after a couple of typos it
worked nice for Ubuntu running 2.6.37-39. even since the driver had no
updates since 2009 (?)

1. tut 2 DF running virtualized? i use hless vbox lately with success.

2. still on that 'no header' dmesg sysout on Linux for the relative to \

dragonfoo# mount_hammer: mount on /tmp/fs: Result too large ->
followup -> /4d5c172f$0$927$415eb37d@crater_reader.dragonflybsd.org

3. could more ram result into a larger REDO tables ending in succes?
it is likely that the 'Result too large' for RW mount comes from
available ram to allocate the REDO tables? then what does that 'no
header' means (dfbsd and linux) but RO data is untouched.
basically i have 3gig ram and 160g hdd. REDO switches almost
automatically since last time the box was processing several i mean
several simultaneous processes (like 40 concurrent RW + 4 makes) then
the REDO as for reordering the last data flushes becomes without enough
dynamic allocation? it's more likely that it does not relate to HDD
space as originally thought even if the drive is 25% free capacity under
that load circumstances.