Bug #948

Updated by marino almost 4 years ago


There is a bug in netstat(1) that can cause it to spin out of control
and eat up all CPU. This has been reported in FreeBSD and NetBSD and
I've also seen reports of the same problem in Mac OS X, so it stands to
reason this might affect DragonFlyBSD as well.

John Baldwin fixed this in FreeBSD:

"Make netstat -rn more resilient to having the routing table change out
under it while running. Note that this is still not perfect:
- Try to do something intelligent if kvm_read() fails to read a routing
table structure such as an rtentry, radix_node, or ifnet.
- Don't follow left and right node pointers in radix_nodes unless
RNF_ACTIVE is set in rn_flags. This avoids walking through freed

The NetBSD error report is at