Bug #2569

Updated by ftigeot about 3 years ago


its my first report on this!

we try to use Hammer on dfly with my organisation MATHRICE,

our purpose is to use hammer to have a a replication on kvm - libvirt VM on a NFS mount of dfly file system.

So i test and the PFS on the slave is not updated.

It seem that ctime is not reported on nfs server of Dfly so my VM (wich is a raw file) change, but ctime of the raw file on serveur doesn't change and so hammer is not sending udates of files system to his slave PFS.

I read that some nfs server in V3 doesn't use ctime of nfs client.

Is it a bug on dfly nfsd ? a choice? or i'm incorrect?

perhaps only nfsv4 use ctime?

it would be nice if dfly use nfsv4 or really use ctime which is on struct fattr3

Thanks a lot