Bug #2569

Updated by ftigeot 12 months ago


its my first report on this!

we try to use Hammer on dfly with my organisation MATHRICE,

our purpose is to use hammer to have a a replication on kvm - libvirt VM on a NFS mount of dfly file system.

So i test and the PFS on the slave is not updated.

It seem that ctime is not reported on nfs server of Dfly so my VM (wich is a raw file) change, but ctime of the raw file on serveur doesn't change and so hammer is not sending udates of files system to his slave PFS.

I read that some nfs server in V3 doesn't use ctime of nfs client.

Is it a bug on dfly nfsd ? a choice? or i'm incorrect?

perhaps only nfsv4 use ctime?

it would be nice if dfly use nfsv4 or really use ctime which is on struct fattr3

Thanks a lot