Bug #2570

Updated by tuxillo over 2 years ago

commit 79ce07d03a6... "Improve pageout daemon for tmpfs write load" has been bisected on two machines running 3.5-DEVELOPMENT, one an Intel-based machine running x86_64 and the other an AMD-based machine running i386, as inducing a reboot seconds after starting Firefox or other applications such as the pkgsrc 0.17 Enlightenment desktop. Reboots have been induced either running current pkgsrc Firefox or dports Firefox. Both machines are using Radeon 4xxx graphics cards and both have set in /boot/loader.conf


Updates through commit 3ec72a5566c2c0... "Change lwkt_wait_ipiq() to use the TSC" do not prevent manifestation of the panic.

Attached is a core.txt file retrieved from /var/crash after a reboot.