Bug #731

Updated by tuxillo over 2 years ago


i've now had twice a nasty freeze (kind of) with something like this (hand transcribed):

dscheck(#ad/0x20021): slice too large 2/2


then vinum tells me that it put "build" down and continues:

fatal: build.p0.s0 read error, offset 33831591936 for 4096 bytes

build.p0.s0: user buffer offset 10209280000 for 4096 bytes

(more slice too large follow)

then, the namecache does

blocked on 0xd4fb7b58 "corecode"

and repeats it every 30 seconds or so. system is unoperable at this point.

breaking to the debugger works, but dumpsys does not work:

dumping to dev #ad/0x20023, blockno 2130432

dump failed, reason: area improper

i'm running:

DragonFly sweatshorts.home.corecode.ath.cx 1.9.0-DEVELOPMENT DragonFly 1.9.0-DEVELOPMENT #14: Sun Jun 17 11:03:58 CEST 2007 corecode@sweatshorts.home.corecode.ath.cx:/usr/build/obj/usr/build/src/sys/SWEATSHORTS i386

i've attached relevant outputs.