Bug #2384

Updated by tuxillo over 2 years ago

With the latest master, after full buildworld and buildkernel, terminal programs running in Xfce4 such as Xfce4's Terminal and xterm open, but close after being resized. This problem does not seem to occur when opening these programs from the root account. Bisecting appears to narrow the problem to the libedit update from around May 10; however, reproducing may be intermittent, with some builds not exhibiting this problem. The problem has been observed on machines with Radeon 4xxx graphics cards and on a netbook with older Intel GMA 945 graphics.

This problem is not exhibited using programs such as Firefox, emacs, and vim. The problem persisted on a machine with updated pkgsrc, an update that updated nearly all of Xorg and dependent packages. It is possible though that some underlying package still needs to be replaced.

It is possible that there is an interaction from the modified version of drm drivers being used versus that in stock master.