Bug #2472

Updated by dillon over 2 years ago

Dear DragonFlyBSD-bugs,

I have made a couple of updates to the L15 algorithm since it was imported

into the DragonFlyBSD tree as

the CSPRNG used for /dev/urandom (/sys/kern/kern_nrandom.c).

The first update (output indirection) is purely security related (and a

slight decrease in performance), so I

doubt you'd be interested in that.

However, the second update (which I implemented last night) increases

performance and also is a minor

security improvement. I would have thought this would be of interest to

DragonFly, especially considering

that the (random) system thread on DragonFly calls NANOUP_EVENT()

approximately once every second.

Both updates are available in source form (C++):


And the corresponding documentation (regarding both updates) is also

available from the above URL.

If you have an questions or don't understand what I'm talking about feel

free to contact me by E-mail.



Robin Carey BSc