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if_rum.c 60.5 KB
if_rumfw.h 13.1 KB
if_rumreg.h 6.66 KB
if_rumvar.h 3.35 KB
if_run.c 128 KB
if_runreg.h 37.6 KB
if_runvar.h 6.46 KB
if_uath.c 76.9 KB
if_uathreg.h 15.5 KB
if_uathvar.h 6.59 KB
if_upgt.c 60.9 KB
if_upgtvar.h 11.5 KB
if_ural.c 56.8 KB
if_uralreg.h 6.09 KB
if_uralvar.h 3.31 KB
if_urtw.c 119 KB
if_urtwreg.h 16.3 KB
if_urtwvar.h 5.14 KB
if_zyd.c 74 KB
if_zydfw.h 62.7 KB
if_zydreg.h 45.1 KB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
e707c6f3 01/23/2013 08:54 AM swildner

Remove some more %D remains here and there.

23abaded 01/22/2013 10:54 AM tuxillo

Replace few more cases where %D format string is used.

Also remove a reference to %D in kvcprintf's comment.

f6807fa3 11/01/2012 05:46 PM dillon

usb4bsd - Change M_NOWAIT to M_WAITOK

* M_NOWAIT really needs to be M_WAITOK in these places. It is unclear
why FreeBSD invites random device failures by using M_NOWAIT all over
the place.

12bd3c8b 10/11/2012 02:27 AM swildner

usb4bsd: Bring in FreeBSD's libusbhid, usbhidctl and USB kernel code.

In order to make it live peacefully along with our old USB code, name
all directories with new USB code *u4b* instead of *usb*.

This is FreeBSD SVN r231881.

Submitted-by: Markus Pfeiffer <>

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