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Added by dillon about 1 year ago

hammer2 - Cleanup and bugfix pass to hammer2 setcomp paths

* HAMMER2 will attempt to use LZ4 compression by default now.

* hammer2 setcomp now accepts text labels for the compression type and
accepts a compression level of 0 to set the default, which is simply
passed through to the VFS.

* Specify force and recursion flags in hammer2's main options rather than
after the setcomp command.

* Allow a list of paths to be specified rather than just one.

* The HAMMER2IOC_INODE_SET ioctl now only sets field elements which can
actually be modified by userland i.e. only the comp_algo field. It
used to set everything, including the indirect block table.

* Do not modify the hammer2_inode if the compression method is not being

* Change the zero-block testing logic a little, with related code cleanups.


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