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bad resolution (monitor desync) with livedvd

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i`ve turned clocks on my quad q6600 to stock speed and i`ve set up fresh install
on pure HDD (not a virtual machine).

OFC after installation, next boot (with manually typed: startx) shows me an
installation desktop.

I did all steps correctly, so what is the problem? I have Gigabyte P35-DS3, 8 GB
RAM, Quad Q6600, GF8800GT 512, Chieftec 750W.

gtz to DF team - good job (finally GUI edition).


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Updated by swildner over 12 years ago

The desktop you see when you boot from the LiveDVD is not different from
the desktop you see when booting a system installed from it. Actually
it is just a copy of what is on the CD.

Just open a shell and start working. Your installed system is fine. :)

It has an "Install" icon on the desktop still because the installer
didn't clean it up after installing. You can get rid of it by editing in
the idesk configuration (.idesk directory in ~root iirc, not 100% sure).



Updated by corecode over 12 years ago

There is no problem. Just delete the icon. DragonFly has been installed
and can be used.


Updated by Przem0l over 12 years ago

Thank You for answers. If installed DF looks like a liveCD, where are "menus"
and "options" like menus in Ubuntu or Suse? Where are any GUI options?

Yes, i look like a lamer [brrrrr :-) ] but i really want to try to use this OS.


Updated by swildner over 12 years ago

Well, cough cough, the simple truth is, our LiveDVD simply isn't
that far yet. More configuration must be done on it in the future to get
a better integrated look & feel. Main reason is our chronic lack of

I'm not saying we should mimic Linux Live CDs as closely as possible.
After all, if people want Linux, they know where to download it. But the
LiveDVD could still be tuned to better integrate the stuff that's on it.

Look on the bright side of it: Configuring it up to where it behaves as
you know it from Ubuntu/SUSE gives lots of opportunities to try and use
DragonFly. :-)

Sorry, no better answers at the moment.



Updated by Przem0l over 12 years ago

"Look on the bright side of it:" - i was habit to black console ;) so
candy-looks GUI makes me very happy to use it as a first OS (finally not Win :P).

Your team is lack of programmers - had You try to find them in Poland?
In my country is a lot of Linux/Unix maniacs :D

Gtz and good luck with develop this OS.


Updated by Przem0l over 12 years ago

I have one question ;)

I believe that You build this OS for moniors with greater vertical resolution
than 768. I must use VMWare becouse in "real" i have "no signal" :D. It`s normal
to my HD-Ready TV (FullHD is too expensive).

BTW: are You interested in advertize Your OS in best Polish Linux/Unix sites?
Or at least in forum :D.

As an admin o i could make place for Dragon Fly BSD products.


Updated by corecode over 12 years ago

which graphics card do you have?


Updated by Przem0l over 12 years ago

8800GT, but I think that OS recognise it ok. On lcd 19" (1820x1024) everything
is ok. Only when I plug hd-ready tv the problem occours (LG 42": 42LC51).

On vmware 6.5 I must decrease max resolution of virtual graphic card to see fit
to screen desktop. Without it, DragonFly builds dekstop as big as grahpic card
can take ;).

I think that DragonFly just don`t recognise my tv - just all. That couldn`t be
when standard resolution would be decreased do 1024x768@60Hz ;).

I use that tv to my main monitor because secod one (19") is connected to second PC.


Updated by corecode over 12 years ago

Thanks for the info. Do you know what you need to set up in xorg to use the TV?

We currently use the VESA driver of xorg, but possibly letting it autodetect
might yield better results in the end.


Updated by Przem0l over 12 years ago

Thanks? :) Helping You I help my self, by "making" Your software better.

Auto detect could be good idea, but every choice i take (from 1 to 8) will
finish with "ot of signal".

G:\dfly-guidvd-2.1A\boot\defaults\loader.conf [vesa_load="YES"]. I will burn
changed ISO again and tell what it helps :D


Updated by corecode over 12 years ago

No, they are not related. I mean the xorg config - it has nothing to do
with the boot options or the boot loader. If you never configured xorg
yourself, don't worry about it.


Updated by Przem0l over 12 years ago

But that couldn`t be much problem. First time i could install it on 19" and
after reboot change in console that file You `re talking about.



Updated by corecode over 12 years ago

yes, of course. you can change that in the console and see if it works
with your tv.


Updated by Przem0l over 12 years ago

everything is cool, but there is any word about resolution or WXGA, etc. Only 24


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