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Install ISO of 3.6.2-REL doesn't see keyboard and LATEST failed to boot

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I've got server SUpermicro X9DRW-7TPF+. It has LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-4i RAID controller. When I trying to boot up from ISO image use iKVM, it doesn't recognize keyboard. When I re-attach Virtual Keyboard and mouse from iKVM menu I see:

ums0: <Winbond Electronics Corp Hermon USB hidmouse Device, class 0/0, rev 1.10/0.01, addr 4> on uhub1
ums0: X report 0x0022 not supported
device_probe_and_attach: ums0 attach returned 6

Ok, I successfully installed from LATEST-ISO (built today) where keyboard works fine. But when I trying to boot up installed system from HDD, it fails to boot: "Reboot and Select proper boot device". I reinstalled bootloader by "boot0cfg -B mfid0" but it doesn't help.

# boot0cfg -v mfid0
# flag start chs type end chs offset size
1 0x80 0: 1: 1 0xa5 1023:255:63 63 1171054017

version=187.102 drive=0x80 mask-0xf ticks=182
default_selection=F1 (Slice 1)

Tell me please, how can I install any version of DragonFly BSD?

Tanks a lot!



Updated by swildner over 6 years ago

Regarding the ums0 issues: How was ums0 doing with the LATEST-ISO? It seemed to fail with 3.6.2 but I didn't see any mention of it in your report using LATEST-ISO. If it works better with the latest ISO, it could well be that it is related to the mouse not working with our old USB stack but working better with our new USB stack (which is default for LATEST but not for RELEASE).

Regarding the keyboard issues: If it is atkbd(4) (i.e., PS/2), then it could be related to the removal the KB_CONF_FAIL_IF_NO_KBD flag from our kernel configs in master (it's still present in RELEASE). It was originally done to fix issues seen on Lenovo laptops but it might well be happening on other machines.

Regarding booting off mfi(4): You said you could install to it, so that's a good thing. :) The message you quoted seems to be from your box itself and not from DragonFly. Are you sure there is nothing else to care about for booting from it? I remember some RAID controllers have some option in their BIOS to enable booting. I'm not sure what's the cause here.



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No response from the reporter.

Current DragonFly BSD shouldn't have such keyboard issues, so this issue can be closed.

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