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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
1588 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal shell inserts spurious newline after backquote expansion corecode 10/26/2009 10:39 AM Actions
1587 DragonFlyBSD Bug Feedback Normal can't gdb across fork corecode tuxillo 02/24/2014 05:33 AM Actions
1584 DragonFlyBSD Bug In Progress Normal can't use ssh from jail: debug1: read_passphrase: can't open /dev/tty: Device busy corecode tuxillo 02/20/2014 07:30 AM Actions
1583 DragonFlyBSD Bug In Progress Normal panic: assertion: cursor->trans->sync_lock_refs > 0 in hammer_recover_cursor corecode tuxillo 02/20/2014 07:31 AM Actions
1573 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal DragonFly ISO release build failure for DragonFly-master-amd64-20091015-0530-92ed14a37d1dd6414a6bacb80f63bffedca3ff45 corecode 11/18/2009 07:03 PM Actions
1571 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal amd64 lacks working ptrace support corecode 12/01/2009 01:04 PM Actions
1562 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal reset(1) doesn't reset terminal to the defaults corecode 03/10/2013 04:18 AM Actions
1557 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal [test] restore subject corecode 10/03/2009 08:44 PM Actions
1556 DragonFlyBSD Bug New Normal many processes stuck in "hmrrcm", system unusable corecode tuxillo 02/20/2014 07:35 AM Actions
1553 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal DragonFly ISO release build failure for DragonFly-master-amd64-20091003-0530-260c51fbfa68802169ae6073c742e387e9eb1f6b corecode 10/04/2009 07:34 AM Actions
1549 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal hammer mirror-copy from old hammer version to new hammer version screws up completely corecode 02/28/2010 07:00 PM Actions
1548 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal disklabel64 man page omits -B corecode thomas.nikolajsen 10/03/2009 09:18 AM Actions
1547 DragonFlyBSD Bug In Progress Normal disklabel64 automatic sizing corecode tuxillo 02/20/2014 07:29 AM Actions
1539 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal screen reports "Must be connected to a terminal" corecode 10/01/2009 10:42 AM Actions
1538 DragonFlyBSD Bug New Low mountroot should probe file systems corecode alexh 11/24/2010 06:35 PM Actions
1537 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Low null mount does not accept -o update corecode 11/22/2009 06:19 PM Actions
1536 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal loader does not recognize disklabel64 in lsdev corecode alexh 11/18/2009 12:13 PM Actions
1535 DragonFlyBSD Bug Rejected Low loader does not give any help for mount problems corecode alexh 02/27/2012 03:20 PM Actions
1534 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal mountroot prompt not working corecode 09/28/2009 05:58 AM Actions
1528 DragonFlyBSD Bug In Progress Normal ktrace does not show proper return values for pipe(2) corecode tuxillo 02/20/2014 07:32 AM Actions
1527 DragonFlyBSD Bug New Normal extremely bad USB/msdos performance corecode vsrinivas 03/26/2012 10:54 AM Actions
1518 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal CD/DVD long boot time / unclear log corecode tuxillo 03/03/2014 11:47 PM Actions
1517 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal Physical DVD/CD install amazingly slow corecode tuxillo 06/02/2014 06:51 AM Actions
1516 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal Terminal" menu item doesn't work in gui dvd corecode tuxillo 06/02/2014 06:46 AM Actions
1514 DragonFlyBSD Bug Closed Normal /usr/src/games/atc build warning/failure corecode 09/16/2009 11:13 AM Actions
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