Bug #607

Updated by swildner over 12 years ago

Hey Folks, 

 Just got a IBM ThinkPad R60 ... it's got a "Centrino Duo" dual core processor, so I thought I'd 
 try an SMP kernel .. 

 . and interrupt delivery does not work for bge0, neither does sound, nor disk (when I'm in AHCI 
 mode, in bios compatibility mode (UDMA33) it does work). 

 Symptoms are - bge0 watchdog timeouts, with ethereal I see TX's on the wire - but can't receive 
 any packets. sound doesn't work    pcm0:play:0:dsp0.0: play interrupt timeout, channel dead. for 
 the disk, controller is detected, but no disks found. 

 All in all, pretty broken. :( 

 Oh, EST is broken, too, but that's because the CPU runs at 1.66GHz and the cpu reports as - 
 hw.model: Genuine Intel(R) CPU             T2300    @ 1.66GHz 

 I suspect this cpu is supported on NetBSD, I'll take a shot at merging the newer NetBSD version ... 

 Would dearly love to be able to turn up the second core on this puppy! :)