Bug #570

Updated by tuxillo about 10 years ago

So if you enable ACPI and boot, it won't respond to keyboard no matter 
 whether you choose to boot into single- or multi-user mode? 


 So ... your keyboard does not work when you boot straight into the 
 single user mode, whether with or without ACPI driver enabled, right? 
 If not, I have no idea what this part really means: 
   > But If I boot to non-ACPI-mode, everything works 
   > just fine, but I can't get to sigle user mode, because prompt freezes 
   > there too... 


 If the message buffer(which dmesg command shows you) survives across 
 reboot, I'd like to look at it after you boot with ACPI driver enabled 
 and booted with `boot -v' from the boot loader prompt (did I ask if 
 keyboard works when you go into the boot loader prompt?).