Bug #989

Updated by robgar almost 8 years ago

Hi there, 


 I installed DF 2 days ago (the 1.12.1 release). I've choosen a primary partition for the installation (/dev/hda2 in linux slang) and installed the bootlocker on ad0. 


 After the reboot my laptop hung immediately. I couldn't even see the BIOS password dialog anymore. Whenever I try to reach my bios setup via F2 it crashes on the way. 


 Without the harddisk it is possible to boot the notebook without any problems. 


 I bought an external HD case and tried to mount the HD with a live CD: no partition table... 


 I can't find any reports for that issue, so I thought I will let you know. 


 Do you need any further information about my hardware? 


 And is there a way to recover the table? 


 greets from Germany. 


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