Bug #168

Updated by tuxillo almost 17 years ago

Dear all, 


 A few days ago I wanted to try Sephe's 80211 patch to get wpa 
 working under DF. However, I can't load the firmware (neither with 
 nor without the patch). After ipwcontrol and ifconfig I get the 
 following error messages: 


 intr 5 at 50001 > 50000 hz, livelocked limit engaged! 
 ipw0: timeout waiting for firmware initialization to complete 
 ipw0: could not load firmware 
 intr 5 at 7399 < 20000 hz, livelock removed 


 ACPI turned on or off doesn't seem to make a difference. 
 I attached a verbose dmesg and vmstat -i before and after 


 ipwcontrol ipw0 -f.... 


 and after 


 ifconfig ipw0 inet ... netmask ... 


 Best regards, 


 PS: wep worked under FBSD60 and under WinXP