Bug #2019

Updated by tuxillo about 2 years ago

I have a crontab entry set to run pkgsrc-update and src-update. Besides that,  
 some WSGI process running with Gunicorn ( proxied by nginx  
 with access to pgsql. These are not very demanded, mainly testing webapps. It  
 also hosts a SnapLogic ( server. 


 The core.txt file is attached. 


 info shows: 


 Dump header from device /dev/serno/0606J1FW203856.s1b 
   Architecture: i386 
   Architecture Version: 2 
   Dump Length: 141434880B (134 MB) 
   Blocksize: 512 
   Dumptime: Thu Mar    3 19:21:54 2011 
   Magic: DragonFly Kern Dump 
   Version String: DragonFly v2.9.1.747.gf7b29d-DEVELOPMENT #0: Mon Feb 21  
 15:27:59 VET 2011 
   Panic String: file desc: malloc limit exceeded 
   Dump Parity: 3394002437 
   Bounds: 0 
   Dump Status: good 


 My bandwidth is not very good, but I'm going to put the dumps available to fetch  
 if it's needed. I'm also willing to help testing fixes.