Bug #1036

Typo in PCI ID in 'sln' driver for Silan sc92031 pci ethernet card

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PCI Ethernet cards manufactured by Hangzhou Silan Microelectroics with PCI ID
1904:2031 are not detected by the if_sln.ko driver.

if_sln driver incorrectly specifies the card's PCI ID.

The sln driver for Hangzhou Silan SC92031 driver (also Rsltek [sic] 8139D) has
an error in the PCI ID. The correct device ID for the card is 2031 (VID/PID
1903:2031), while the source refers to it as 1904:2301. This prevents the module
from recognizing ethernet cards with dev ID 2031.

I edited the sys/dev/netif/sln/if_sln.c file (around line 81) to change it to

"Hangzhou Silan SC92031 10/100 Fast Ethernet" },

After recompiling, installing and finally loading the module, the ethernet card
was detected, and a sln0 interface was created. Apart from several crc and frame
alignment errors, the ethernet card is working fine.

According to http://hardware4linux.info/pci/1904/ there is no Silan ethernet
card with dev ID 0x2301. Further, this card's Linux driver specifies the dev ID
as 0x2031 as well.

Please consider making these changes :

1) Replace line 81/82 in sys/dev/netif/sln/if_sln.c to reflect SC92031 instead
of SC92301.
2) Change PCI product symbol and dev ID for SILAN SC92031 in sys/bus/pci/pcidevs
to 0x2031 (line 2554)
3) Modify sys/bus/pci/pcidevs.h accordingly (run the awk script?)


#1 Updated by mercurysquad over 8 years ago

Never mind. Fix committed to CVS 3 hours ago by swildner.

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:Prashant Vaibhav <> added the comment:
:Never mind. Fix committed to CVS 3 hours ago by swildner.
:status: unread -> resolved

The best bugs are the ones that have already been fixed :-)

Matthew Dillon

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fix committed

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