Bug #1154

fix ip_input m_len assertion

Added by sepherosa almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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Hi all,

Following patch fixes:
- The assertion in ip_input, should test sizeof(struct ip) instead of sizeof(ip)
- Make sure that ip_input's precondition meets in ip_localforward
- Don't allow raw ip socket to send ip packet whose header length is
less than the minimum


Please test/review.

Best Regards,


#1 Updated by nthery almost 8 years ago

The diff looks fine to me (but I don't know much about networking).

Out of curiosity in ip_localforward(), how can the packet be freed
while we are trying to forward it?

+ /* The packet was freed; we are done */


#2 Updated by sepherosa almost 8 years ago

Above comment is in following code block:
+ if (m->m_len < hlen) {
+ m = m_pullup(m, hlen);
+ if (m == NULL) {
+ /* The packet was freed; we are done */
+ return 1;
+ }
+ }

If m_pullup failed ('m' is freed), then we lost the mbuf, so we could
not return 0 to let ip_output keep going.

Best Regards,

#3 Updated by aoiko almost 8 years ago

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