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More if_re headaches for Sephe

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Hi Sephe,

I see you've already put a lot of work into the realtek driver,
and now I have another problem to report, sorry.

Your commit <d4d77345> on Oct 9, "Use hardware timer to simulate
interrupt moderation", broke the emulated realtek driver in the
kvm flavor of qemu.

The bootup ifconfig seems to go okay; 'ifconfig re0' looks like
everything *should* be working, but it seems that no packets
ever go anywhere. Reverting the above commit fixes the problem.

Well, I should mention that during bootup, dhcp seems to work
okay -- re0 winds up with the appropriate IP address assigned
by the kvm emulated machine -- so at least *some* packets get
somewhere, but certainly not out to the internet after bootup.

But I'm not finished complaining yet :o( The watchdog timeouts
that you recently committed a fix for are still happening for
me when running dfly under kvm. (I don't have a real machine
with a realtek nic, sorry.)

pciconf says: chip=0x813910 rev=0x20.

I'd be very happy to try any patches or diagnostic tests you
can think of.

Thanks Sephe!

re.diff (893 Bytes) re.diff sepherosa, 12/08/2008 02:54 AM


#1 Updated by sepherosa over 9 years ago

That's for PCIe 10/100 devices.

Looks like 8139C+
Could you also give me the dmesg related to re0?

Please test the attached patch.

Best Regards,

#2 Updated by wa1ter over 9 years ago

On Mon, 8 Dec 2008, Sepherosa Ziehau wrote:

RealTek 8139C+ Hardware rev. 0x74800000; MAC ver. 0x00

Your first-guess fix is perfect, as usual :o) Works great now,
thanks Sephe.

#3 Updated by sepherosa over 9 years ago


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