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installed version can` run

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I`ve installed GUI version 2.1A and after GUI anstallation (and reboot) system
welcomes me with "login" on console. When I put "root" and "starx" then I wait a
long time to see ... the same desktop as the first one when I was installing it
on HDD. There is still icon to "Install" :(

I do it on VMWare 6.5, on latest VirtualBox there is no chance to pass first
menu (in console).

I let VM take 3 GB RAM, 12 GB HDD and 2 CPUs (I have Quad 3.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM and
GF 8800GT OC). Host OS is Win Server 2003 Enterprise 64 bit.

What do I need to fully install DragonFly?

Thx ;)


#1 Updated by swildner over 9 years ago

* The reason why you are still seeing 'Install' on the desktop is that our
installer currently does not have the ability to run any "post-install" scripts
(in this case to remove the "Install" icon from the desktop after installation).
This should not irritate you.

The system you have installed should be fine, regardless of the icon.

We'll probably have to hack something into the installer to cope with this but I
think it will not make it into 2.2.

* Regarding VirtualBox: The VirtualBox people have committed a fix which (as it
seems) will be in the release after the upcoming one and fixes the issue you
report. See

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