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creating hammer pfs is more complicated than expected

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I just tried to create a pfs, but the information given in the man page was not

Specifically, the correct procedure seems to be:

cd /pfs
hammer pfs-master foo
cd /
mkdir foo
echo "/pfs/foo /foo null rw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
mount /foo

I did a
hammer pfs-master /foo
which did not yield the desired effect at all.

We either need to document what needs to be done, or add a high level command
(hammer pfs-add?) which performs all these steps.


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No no, no more directives to hammer(8) please :)
Agree on that it should be clearer in the manpage tho.

Antonio Huete

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With the following commit:

commit 5f22d366f0149afba788dcc6ad06e551840ec1ed
Author: Thomas Nikolajsen <>
Date: Wed Apr 20 00:18:20 2011 +0200

hammer.8: improve general description and markup

There were additions to the manpage. See an excerpt.

pfs-master dirpath [options]
Create a pseudo-filesystem (PFS) inside a HAMMER file system. Up
to 65536 PFSs can be created. Each PFS uses an independent inode
numbering space making it suitable for replication.

The pfs-master directive creates a PFS that you can read, write,
and use as a mirroring source.

A PFS can only be truly destroyed with the pfs-destroy directive.
Removing the softlink will not destroy the underlying PFS.

A PFS can only be created in the root PFS (PFS# 0), not in a PFS
created by pfs-master or pfs-slave (PFS# >0).

It is recommended that dirpath is of the form <fs>/pfs/<name>
(i.e. located in pfs directory at root of HAMMER file system).

It is recommended to use a null mount to access a PFS, except for
root PFS, for more information see HAMMER(5).

Closing this one.

Antonio Huete

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