Bug #1287

altq configuration doesn't work

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There seem to be serious issues with ALTQ.

Just now I tried to disable it, by removing altq queue definitions from pf.conf
+ resync, by disabling pf and also by flushing all pf data. Nevertheless it
kept on doing bandwidth shaping. Had to reboot to get rid of this.

Also I had the feeling that changing the altq queue parameters + resync did not
have any effect on the queueing behavior (changed from 560kbps -> 5kbps), but I
could be mistaken in that regard.


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I've been playing around a bit with ALTQ on a VM with a very simple config and a 1GB test file called test.img.

altq on em0 cbq bandwidth 5Mb queue { std }
queue std bandwidth 2Mb cbq(default)
pass out on em0 proto tcp queue std

For the test I connected to the dragonfly VM SFTP service using Filezilla and tried to download test.img.
Changing queue bandwidth (setting it to 200Kb, 1500Kb, 3Mb, ...) and using '/etc/rc.d/pf resync' or '/etc/rc.d/pf reload' I could see how the download speed changed.
So I guess this might not be valid anymore.

Anyways, let us know if you used different settings or queues.

Antonio Huete

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Hi all,

Anybody using ALTQ that could verify this please?

Antonio Huete

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