Bug #1315

vim package issue

Added by free over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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I'm using DragonFlyBSD v2.2.0 Release

By default, vim is istalled (in the dvd version at least), vimdiff man
page is also installed, but there is no vimdiff command. The same thing
is for vimtutor.


#1 Updated by justin over 7 years ago

You are right - the man pages come from editors/vim-share, but the
editors/vim package only installs vim, rvim, and rview. A few seconds of
browsing doesn't show them anywhere else. is the
maintainer. You can mail him directly, or use NetBSD's send-pr to put in
a GNATS bug report. I'm not sure how you do the latter.

#2 Updated by swildner over 7 years ago

Hmm, maybe we should install the vim-share package to the DVD as well then.


#3 Updated by corecode over 7 years ago

we do I guess - no vim without vim-share.


#4 Updated by justin over 7 years ago

It looks like an error in packaging, which is why it goes back to the
package maintainer. Vim has roughly a zillion patches (well, OK.
Currently 18) added in, so I'm not surprised if something was overlooked.

#5 Updated by corecode over 7 years ago

pkgsrc problem, closing here.

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