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Vinum deadlocks on start

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2009/6/20 Joe Holden <>

Hi guys,

I am currently trying to use vinum for raid1, but am running into a few issues:
I can create the volume by doing vinum create [-f] /etc/vinum.conf with the
following config:
drive drive1 device /dev/ad0s1d
drive drive2 device /dev/ad2s1d
volume data setupstate
plex org concat
sd length 26890m drive drive1
plex org concat
sd length 26890m drive drive2

All is well and I can newfs and mount the volume, the problem arises when I
either do vinum start, or reboot the machine with vinum_start="YES" in
/etc/rc.conf, vinum: loaded appears on the console, and then the machine gets stuck.
Similar happens if the system is already running, although I can do kldload
vinum/kldunload vinum and create/destroy volumes, and it appears to be
replicated, as long as I don't do vinum start.
Is anyone on the list versed with vinum at all, or know of an alternate method
of using mirrored disks on a non-raid machine? I have only ever used gmirror,
so would appreciate some advice.



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Fix committed in 0d0607d0fc37e06f64e9ffe77ec23d32ec0fad86

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