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Reverse IPs for

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Peter, if we could get these set up I can shift all
the primary names over to the new network.

Note that some of these are dragonflybsd.org and some
are backplane.com. reserved192.dragonflybsd.org. avalon.dragonflybsd.org. backup.backplane.com. office1.backplane.com. leaf.dragonflybsd.org. apollo.backplane.com. crater.dragonflybsd.org. pkgbox64.dragonflybsd.org. reserved200.dragonflybsd.org. reserved201.dragonflybsd.org. reserved202.dragonflybsd.org. reserved203.dragonflybsd.org. reserved204.dragonflybsd.org. reserved205.dragonflybsd.org. reserved206.dragonflybsd.org. reserved207.dragonflybsd.org.

I'm still working on reliability but I'm pretty happy with openvpn.



#1 Updated by pavalos over 5 years ago

Sorry, been a crazy week...rev DNS is done.

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