Bug #2387

hammer ignores -t during dedup

Added by phma over 4 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:06/17/2012
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I have a 450 GB partition with a PFS called /olv with the following config:

snapshots 0d 0d
prune 1d 5m
rebalance 1d 5m
dedup 1d 5m
reblock 1d 5m
recopy 29d 10m

I've been running bulk builds in this PFS, producing lots of temporary files that have to be pruned and reblocked. hammer runs all day and into the next. ps shows this entry:

root 23614 1.1 14.2 310200 146992 ?? DLM 1:18AM 26:38.45 hammer -t 300 dedup /olv

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