Bug #2493

vidcontrol: invalid video mode name

Added by Svarov over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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I tried to change foreground/background color of the virt. console (ttyv1) with command `vidcontrol lightwhite black` but haven't got any success. The program reports "vidcontrol: invalid video mode name". The syntax seems to be correct because on FreeBSD (latest) it works fine.

Do I miss something or it's a bug?

Regards, Dmitry.
PC: Netbook Eee PC 900AX
OS: DragonFlyBSD 3.2.1
I am sorry for my english, it's still very poor.
Hope that my message is understandable.


#1 Updated by swildner over 3 years ago

Hmm, in DragonFly it expects a mode first, as in:

vidcontrol 80x50 lightwhite blue

Are you sure it works without a mode in FreeBSD? After a quick peek at their source it didn't look like it would, but maybe the peek was too quick. :)


#2 Updated by Svarov over 3 years ago

When I specify a mode first, it works for me. Thanks! But I think we should correct a man page. `man vidcontrol` says that `vidcontrol yellow blue` will work and that's not true. Or correct vidcontrol command.

I'm sure about FreeBSD. I've booted from cd with 9.1 release on my netbook and was able to change colors with the above command.

Regards, Dmitry.

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