Bug #2524

vkernel{32,64} DDB traces not working

Added by tuxillo over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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DDB traces do not work when vkernels are compiled with gcc47.
To trigger it, just boot a vkernel built with gcc47 and 'sysctl debug.panic=1' or 'sysctl debug.panic2=1'

vkernel64 it will either SIGILL or print just fail to find any stack frame:

0x8033d56590 does not look like a stack frame, skipping
0x8033d56598 does not look like a stack frame, skipping
Unable to find anything that looks like a stack frame

vkernel32 will simply SIGILL (100% times I've tested it).

vkernels built with gcc44 don't show this behaviour.

Antonio Huete


#1 Updated by tuxillo over 3 years ago

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27a084b96f9fc3e6a273da6e7673553a85132986 fixes at least vkernel's backtrace when triggered by a normal panic.

debug.panic2 sysctl isn't supposed to work on vkernels.

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