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Website navigation rework/pare-down

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[21:22] <@ftigeot> I can't modify page.tmpl on leaf since I don't have permissions
[21:22] * ftigeot sets mode: +o sephe
[21:22] <@ftigeot> sephe: it's for firewire devices (disks at least)
[21:22] <thesjg> there's too much in the sidebar already
[21:22] * ftigeot sets mode: +o thesjg
[21:23] <@JustinS> what would you suggest removing?
[21:23] <@ftigeot> a two-level menu would be nice but the entire layout would have to be redone
[21:24] <@thesjg> Status, digest link could go, since its got another link on the page
[21:24] <@thesjg> bugs could move up under community
[21:24] <@ftigeot> aren't Download and Mirrors more or less the same thing ?
[21:24] <@JustinS> download has instructions
[21:24] <@thesjg> on the main page that is wrt digest
[21:24] <@JustinS> mirrors has sites
[21:25] <@thesjg> the docs section could go away entirely, could be a link to a docs landing page instead
[21:25] <@thesjg> with a short description of what each section/link contains
[21:26] <@thesjg> mascot and images could go, and could be linked to from a text section somewhere instead
[21:26] <@JustinS> that makes sense; I won't be getting to that tonight, though
[21:26] <@thesjg> that would axe about half of it and would be a good start
[21:27] <@thesjg> :)
[21:27] <@thesjg> i've thought about it a few times, but haven't gotten to it myself yet either
[21:27] <@JustinS> can you make a bug and assign me to it?


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