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Spinlock changes

Added by dclink almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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- Adding descry field to struct spin lock, changed initialiser and spin_init function

patch-spinlock.txt (52.6 KB) patch-spinlock.txt dclink, 08/16/2014 03:03 PM


#1 Updated by dclink almost 5 years ago

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#2 Updated by dclink almost 5 years ago

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#3 Updated by swildner almost 5 years ago

I have looked at the patch, but it will not run with DEBUG_LOCKS in the kernel config. It gets stuck here right after entering the kernel from the loader, before the copyright messages and all. I guess it tries to kprintf() something at a point where kprintf() as such isn't usable yet. Have you tried it with DEBUG_LOCKS/DEBUG_LOCKS_LATENCY?

Furthermore, I've changed the following things in the patch:

* Move descr to the bottom of struct spinlock at Matt's request.

* Change the argument order of SPINLOCK_INITIALIZER() to match spin_init()'s order, i.e. "descr" becomes the second argument.

* Fix a broken kprintf() in usched_dfly.c.

* Move some kprintf()s around for cosmetic reasons.

* Adjust indent.

The new patch is here ->

#4 Updated by dclink almost 5 years ago

hi , thanks for review and above all the fix. I ve tested only DEBUG_LOCK_LATENCY sorry for the inconveniency, i ll be more careful for next.

#5 Updated by swildner almost 5 years ago

I have committed the bulk of your patch to master (, which is everything except the kprintf()s.

Do you want to submit a new patch for the kprintf()s? I am not 100% which make sense but right now there are two issues:

* Without any further options, it prints the "choose worst queue.." messages frequently on normal operation (like booting and building world for example). Does it indicate an issue with usched_*?
* With DEBUG_LOCKS, the system will not boot at all, presumably due to wanting to kprintf() too early, I guess from one of the messages in spinlock2.h


#6 Updated by dclink almost 5 years ago

No it is ok like this it was more for using new descry field than anything else so it is probably better like this,


#7 Updated by swildner over 4 years ago

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Thanks, pushed (ba87a4ab252df80acecfc25acfd9e406ea7f4c93)

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