Bug #3005

usr.bin/window/ttzentec.c:59: suspicious condition ?

Added by dcb about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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usr.bin/window/ttzentec.c:59]: (warning) Result of operator '|' is always true if one operand is non-zero. Did you intend to use '&'?

Source code is

if (tt.tt_availmodes | WWM_GRP)


#1 Updated by dillon about 1 year ago

OK, this is getting a little annoying ... having to deal with individual bug reports for this static analysis output.

Could you BUNDLE multiple issues into fewer bug reports? Like five or so per bug report? Or even more? I don't mind going through them, particularly stuff related to active kernel code, but most of these issues do not involve active kernel code so lets make it a bit less onerous by bundling the bugs together into fewer submissions.


#2 Updated by dcb about 1 year ago

Bundling is fine. I am guessing you would prefer to bundle by source code directory,
so all the problems found in one source code directory are in one bug report.

If you prefer, I can bundle by static analyser message, for example all out of range
array accesses. That might mean one bug report touches code in many source code directories.
I suspect that isn't so convenient for you.

BTW, two data points. I got to 210 bug reports in netBSD and 70 in freeBSD
before I gave up. DragonFlyBSD doesn't seem to have so many problems, but I plan
to report the most serious bugs first.

I am using the static analyser cppcheck. It reports 440 errors, 1080 warnings
and 2370 style issues. Not all of those are worth fixing.

#3 Updated by dillon about 1 year ago

You don't have to group by directory or anything like that. Just group in blocks ... well, with that many, group in blocks of 10 errors or so. Even more.

We need them bundled in a way where in our spare time we can whack one of the bug reports without spending too much time on it, then close it and move on.


#4 Updated by dillon about 1 year ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

Fix committed by Matt

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