Bug #318

Segfault in uthread_create.c _thread_start() SMP

Added by aphor almost 10 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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To recreate this bug (Sorry no C test code yet) install Zope29 from pkgsrc, and
Plone-2.5 into a zope instance Products. Add a "Plone Site" in the ZMI, and then
try to load the Plone site root. Python will immediately segfault attempting to
create a thread to handle the new connection. Corefile available. Backtrace
results attached.

DragonFlyPloneBT.txt Magnifier (12.5 KB) aphor, 09/13/2006 01:44 PM

python2.4.core.bz2 (14 MB) aphor, 09/13/2006 01:50 PM


#1 Updated by aphor almost 10 years ago

Corefile attached.
DragonFly rabbit 1.6.1-RELEASE DragonFly 1.6.1-RELEASE #6: Sat Aug 19 16:14:40
CDT 2006 :/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/DUALPIII i386
This system was compiled from CVS 1.6.1 RELEASE tag.

#2 Updated by corecode over 9 years ago

We would at least require the python binary itself to investigate.

But actually it looks like the fault happens in the python code
(select_select()) as I can't see thread_start() anywhere in the traces.

#3 Updated by corecode over 9 years ago

does this still happen?

#4 Updated by alexh about 7 years ago

No answer from original reporter in 2 years since follow-up so I'm closing this
bug report.

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