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ipfilter and INET6 issue

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Simple issue - commenting 'options INET6' in kernel conf file breaks ipl module
to loading with 'link_elf: symbol in6_cksum undefined' error message on console.
But building ipfilter manually (from /usr/src/sys/net/ipfilter) with NOINET6
option solve this problem. So, question is what changes should be done in

ipfilter.patch Magnifier (1.17 KB) pavalos, 12/18/2006 07:16 PM


#2 Updated by TGEN almost 10 years ago

+1, as discussed on IRC :).

Thomas E. Spanjaard

#3 Updated by dillon almost 10 years ago

:> What about something like:
:> http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/~pavalos/ipfilter.patch
:+1, as discussed on IRC :).
: Thomas E. Spanjaard

This is in the 'commit it and move on' category :-). Go ahead and
commit it if it works!


#4 Updated by bastyaelvtars almost 10 years ago

What's the benefit op ipfilter over pf anyway?

#5 Updated by TGEN almost 10 years ago

It's like emacs and vi.

Thomas E. Spanjaard

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