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Eugene wrote:

> Hello All.

> I've got a time-to-time reproducible panic while running cleanups on a

> mirror built with hammer mirror-stream.

> I'm running a system built on -DEVELOPMENT sources from August, 9th

> (uses SILI device) and a following system layout:


> /dev/da0s1a / ufs rw 1 1

> /dev/da0s2b none swap sw 0 0

> /dev/da0s2h /HAMMER0 hammer rw 2 2

> /HAMMER0/pfs/var /var null rw 2 2

> /dev/da1s1a /mirror ufs rw 1 1 # not used

> /dev/da1s2b none swap sw 0 0

> /dev/da1s2h /HAMMER1 hammer rw 2 2

> /HAMMER1/pfs/var /mirrorvar null rw 2 2

> proc /proc procfs rw 0 0


> A kernel panic occurs on running daily cleanups on a slave part of

> mirror and I managed to reproduce it manually while executing %hammer

> reblock and %hammer rebalance commands on a slave pfs after a day or two

> of uptime.

> When running %hammer cleanup immediately after system boot-up, it always

> runs fine and resumes with no error.

> I've attached a screenshot of a latest panic I've got while running

> cleanup.


> If there can be any solution for this problem?

Which kernel version are you running? Please post a uname -a output.

Also, please configure a dumpdev and capture a crash dump.